Friday, December 18, 2015

Pitch Day

i just received my feedback from pitch day. i think it went well. they liked my idea and my backstory, and i think this product will attract a lot of people because so many understand the struggle of having headaches. i will link my introduction video here. i have to do more research about the materials, but i think it will be some sort of cotton poly blend and dri fit material to prevent sweating. i'm excited because i did a lot of work for my project and they told me that it showed. i am proud of myself and will keep working hard.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Product Information

so as a follow-up post to my last, i wanted to talk more details about how the end result of the coolband would work. so you can think of it like this; if you've ever hurt yourself, for example a scrape or bruise, chances are you probably used a bag of ice and some pressure to heal the pain. and since millions of people around the world suffer from headaches, like me, sometimes i'll use a cold cloth and press it against my forehead. but sometimes it melts and makes mess, or my arms get tired from holding it. so if you had a headband that you could place in the freezer (and maybe even the microwave for warm relief) with different pieces of material that would press gently into your pressure points such as temples and sinuses. i would call this the coolband and it would hopefully provide relief for many people. it will be adjustable for different head sizes so children and adults can benefit from it.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


also, i have been preparing for pitch day a lot recently. working on my video, my idea, facts, etc. since i am working on something that has to do with a problem that is frequently a part of my life, i think it may be fairly easy to talk about it. i'm excited to get feedback but also kind of nervous to talk in front of these people. i'm drawing out some blueprints for the 'headband' and hopefully i can do even more research tomorrow to figure out how i can make it so the product can chill in the freezer without doing any damage to it.